Since 2000 Victory Motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the US and Canada have met in Southwest Michigan to exchange stories and share their passion for Victory motorcycles. What started as a small gathering, 17 years ago, is now a major meet and greet event attracting folks with love of the brand.

Building on this strong tradition that started as "Little Sturgis" in Southwest Michigan, the Victory Motorcycle Club's Great Lakes Regional Meet, "Northern Thunder," looks to expand the schedule of activities to a new location in Grayling, Michigan.  There will be three days of guided rides and live entertainment on both Friday and Saturday nights. We will continue to support the Law Enforcement Torch Run 


The Victory Motorcycle Club is an independent, not for profit group of Victory motorcycle owners and enthusiasts, founded in 1998 by several new owners of Victory Motorcycles. The Victory Motorcycle club has grown from a small group of enthusiasts to an international club with over 2700 paid members and 11,000 guests from around the globe. Currently there are 50 local Chapters of the Club. The Victory Motorcycle Club is not sponsored by Polaris® or Victory Corporation®. We are completely independent of the manufacturer: which is somewhat unique in the motorcycle industry. We are not particularly interested in purchasing a “lifestyle”. Before purchasing their Victory’s our members rode all brands of bikes. However, there seems to be a consensus on why they chose to purchase a Victory. They wanted a high-quality, American motorcycle that will provide years of trouble free riding pleasure.